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 GKNF-USA Scientific Scholarship

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Instructions for GKNF-USA Scientific Scholarship Award Application

Korean American Nurse Scholar

About Scholarship

The GKNF-USA Scientific Scholarship is awarded annually through national competition. The primary purpose of this award is to support future Korean nursing leaders for the development of nursing and clinical sciences. Three awards up to $2,000 will be given to meritorious PhD and/or DNP projects. The awardee will be announced by July 31, 2016.  


1.Current member (e.g., student) of the GKNF-USA when the application is received. If you are not a member, please register as a member first here,

2.Currently enrolled in a nursing PhD and/or DNP program, and

3.Evidence that applicants have received approval for his or her proposal for dissertation or capstone or equivalent project.  

Submission Guideline

Application must be completed and submitted to GKNF (GKNFUSA@gmail.com) by June 15, 2016. All application materials should be organized into one PDF file and electronic submissions are the only accepted format. The PDF file should include following the GKNF scholarship application, CV or biosketch, transcript, proposal, budget justification, and two letters of recommendation.

Application Materials:

1.Application for GKNF scholarship: Please download the form.

2.CV – NIH biosketch or CV up to 4 pages

3.Transcript of PhD/DNP program  

4.Dissertation or Capstone proposal or equivalent project proposal: Proposal should be consisted of abstract, description of proposal, and references.

    a.Abstract should not exceed 2,000 characters with space.

    b.The mail proposal includes, Specific aims/objectives, Innovation, Approach (study design, sample and site, measures, data collection/procedure, and plan for data analysis) should be within 3 pages excluding references and abstract. The proposal should be typed in 11-point Arial font with single spacing and one-inch margins on all sides of the page.  

5.Budget justification for dissertation/capstone proposal: Please itemize anticipated expenditures to conduct proposed research. Maximum up to a total of the $2,000 can be requested. Please indicate whether other funds have been applied or obtained to support the proposed research/project.    

6.Two letters of recommendation: Letters of recommendation should come from those who can speak to the applicant’s professional and scholastic abilities. It is strongly preferred that letters of recommendation come from the applicant’s advisor, dissertation chair, and/or other professionals with a graduate degree. One must come from the Chair of Dissertation Committee with confirmation on approval of dissertation proposal.

The submitted materials are reviewed by the GKNF-USA Scholarship Committee. The award decision is primarily based on the applicant’s academic and scientific promise of proposal, budget justification, and potential for contribution to nursing.

Please direct all questions to: Dr. Misook Lee Chung, Chair of the Scholarship Committee, GKNF-USA (misook.chung@uky.edu)  

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