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UAS Assessment Nurses in Bronx and Manhattan

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X-Treme Care is a leading home care agency in New York that has been operational for almost 20 years. 

We are looking for UAS Assessment nurses to assess patients under home care in the Bronx and Manhattan area.

These assessments will be performed on behalf of NYS Medicaid Managed Long Term Care (MLTC) plans
·         Perform a comprehensive MLTC in-home assessment
·         Completing all documentation in accordance with New York State and Agency regulations
·         Data entry into the HCS system and taking tools of information gathered during the visit
·         Current and Valid NYS RN License
·         At least six (6) months UAS NY experienced
·         Good communication, patient care and assessment skills
Contact : Joanne Park RN Recruiter
joanne.park@xtcareuas.comt 718.461.9602 ext 337 | c 516.727.1271 | f 718.461.9515


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