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Camp Naru (캠프 나루에서 간호사 2명 모집)

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작성자 김지영 작성일24-07-02 02:27 조회91회 댓글0건


캠프나루에서 8월 9일 부터 17일까지 여름 캠프 간호사 2명 모집중입니다
연락처: Benjamin Kim Osler (646) 389-1793

자세한 내용은 위쪽 첨부 확인☝️
Attached is a copy of our job description for the position
Mandatory training begins on the evening of Friday, August 9 through to the afternoon of Sunday, August 11th (camper arrival)
Camp Naru runs Sunday, August 11 through the afternoon of Saturday, August 17th; staff do have the option to stay on through the 18th as we host a celebration and debrief for staff
Under the direction of the physician, you would support any physical needs of our campers and staff; we do hire a care advocate team as well to support mental health of our campers and staff
We can provide transportation to and from camp, but feel free to use your own vehicle as well; as well as providing a one-time per diem of $1750 and accommodations and meals
For more information about camp itself and our highlight video from last year, you can check out our homepage here. In addition, we were featured in the NYT after our first summer.

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