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COVID-19: Vaccine Locations

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As of January 4, 2021, eligible New Yorkers can get the COVID-19 vaccine at sites located throughout the city.



The following groups are now eligible for vaccine:

Health Care Workers

  • High-risk health care workers in hospitals and Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs), including NYS Office of Mental Health (OMH) psychiatric centers
  • High-risk health care workers who provide direct in-person care in outpatient/ambulatory settings and other staff in these settings who have direct contact with patients (such as reception staff); this group includes workers in private or hospital-affiliated medical practices, specialty medical practices, public health clinics, dental practices and diagnostic and treatment centers; phlebotomists; dialysis workers; occupational therapists; physical therapists; speech therapists; behavioral health workers; and student health workers
  • Emergency medical services (EMS) personnel
  • Urgent care providers
  • Health care workers administering COVID-19 vaccines
  • Health care workers in COVID-19 testing sites
  • Home care workers and aides, hospice workers, personal care aides, and consumer-directed personal care workers.

Residents and Staff in Certain Group Living Facilities

  • Long-term care facilities, including nursing homes, skilled nursing facilities, adult care facilities
  • Long-term group living facilities run by NYS OMH, Office People with Developmental Disabilities, and Office of Addiction Services and Supports

Other Eligible Groups

  • Medical examiners and coroners
  • Funeral workers who have direct contact with infectious material and bodily fluids
  • Frontline, high-risk public health workers who have direct contact with patients or handle COVID-19 specimens or vaccinations


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