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KF94 masks made in Korea are being exported.

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How are you?
I am an overseas sales representative of M2M masks that manufactures, distributes, and exports masks in Korea. We are located in Dalseo-gu, Daegu, Korea, and we established the company in 2020 and have great pride in manufacturing 100% domestic small, medium, large, and color masks.As the pandemic situation occurred due to the influence of COVID-19 at the end of 2019, our company established a KF94 mask production line in 2020 and has been supplying it to consumers in Korea. As domestic demand is met, the Korean government has granted permission to export masks overseas, enabling KF94 masks to the world, including the United States, New Zealand, Canada, South America, and Europe. For those who are interested in overseas, we will first greet you like this and post simple contents.

KF94 masks are 100% Korean-made with certification from the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety. It is a health mask that is internationally recognized by Koreans for its quality and droplet blocking effect, and its quality is also recognized by consumers in Korea. Our KF94 masks are currently sold at famous online shopping malls such as Naver, Coupang, and Timon in Korea and are being delivered to the Korean military. In addition, KF94 masks can be cleared anywhere in the world, including North, Central, South America, Europe, Africa, Oceania, etc. (FDA/ISO/CE), and we will check the importer's business card, order quantity, unit price, etc. and email you related information and certificates.

If you contact me by phone or e-mail, I will discuss import and export matters and give you the necessary information. For more information, please contact us directly by phone and we will send you the details by e-mail. If you are uncomfortable with the phone call, please send me your business card (name, business name) and contact information. We will also send you a buyer request and a detailed product manual written in English if necessary for business.

Kakao ID : rhffh5850
Mobile(Korea) : +82-10-2661-1346
TEL : +82-53-262-3273
E-mail : rhffh5850@naver.com

Position/Name; director/pan soo Kim  Overseas sales manager/jin hyun Kim

Thank you.

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